About Us

Advance Thermal Engineering Sdn Bhd is a leading mechanical engineering company located in Bandar Bukit Puchong, Puchong, Selangor. As an industrial technology driven company, Advance Thermal Engineering is specializing in heating system design, supply, maintenance and installation, fulfilling major industries’ needs and requirements.

At Advance Thermal Engineering, we understand the industries’ requirements, and are able to devise, implement and complete major projects through our years of experience and expertise in various equipment including Package Steam Boiler, Hot Water Colorizes, Heat Pump, Themal Fluid Heater, Pressure Vessel and so on. Also, we are the authorized dealer for HOVAL, FULTON and CALOREX.

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Gas Condensing Boiler


UltraGas® (15-90)

Innovative condensing gas boilers for small residential building.
  • Fully flexible connections
  • Concentric vertical flue gas connection & connecting hose
  • Seperate high & low temperature returns
  • Untraclean combustion system & modulating radiant burner
  • Top Tronic Controller
  • Integrated water pressure sensor
  • aluFer heat exchanger
  • Condensate drip

UltraGas® (125-2000D)

Very cost effective, with rapid payback for commercial and industrial requirements.
  • Fully flexible connections
  • Separate high and low temparature returns
  • Vertical flue gas connection
  • Ultraclean combustion system and modulating radiant burner
  • Top Tronic T controller
  • Integrated water pressure sensor AluFer heat exchanger
  • Condensate drip tray 


Intelligent command centre for your heating system

The TopTronic® control is the brain of every Hoval system. Innovative microprocessor technology ensures smooth, and continuously monitored, operation.

The clearly arranged LCD display provides information on important operating data, while a single rotary pushbutton and seven keys are used to activate heating programs and settings. If intervention is necessary, the required program can be found in seconds in the self-explanatory user guide.

Room control – an added bonus

One degree warmer, two degrees cooler, setthe system to economy mode or switch it off.This practical control unit not only enhancescomfort, but also makes it easy to regulatethe temperatureto the nearest degree, withoutleaving the room.

TopTronic® online

Remote access via TopTronic® online

The TopTronic® online feature allows you to control and optimise your heating system from afar. The exceptionally user-friendly interface is equipped with easy-to-­operate features, ­accessible from either your PC or Smartphone.

Additionally, you can use your mobile phone to communicate with your heating system. ­Previously programmed phone numbers can receive fault notifications via text, so that you can always be in touch with your system.

Flexibility to suit any need

With the inclination towards renewable energy,an increasing range of technologies is beingintegrated within buildings. It can control systemswith up to five heat generators and ten mixingcircuits, therefore a wide range of energy sourcessuch as solar, biomass, and ambient heat can beutilised together, delivering a well-coordinatedsystem to meet your heating demands.

Water heating

Hoval offers a wide variety of water heaters andstorage units from single-family homes tocommercialproperties, with capacities rangingfrom 160-2000 litres.

Whether your aim is to produce hot water asecologically as possible, or to achieve anunbeatableprice-performance ratio, the extensiveproduct range guarantees a solution to meet all building conditions.

High-efficient gas boiler - Compact gas


Compact Gas (1000-2800)

Innovative high effiviency boiler for medium sozed commercial applications.
  • Walkable boiler top
  • Amply dimensioned combustion chamber
  • aluFer heat exchanger
  • Flue outlet at the front of the boiler
  • Flue gas collector
  • Pivoting front door

Hot water comfort

Hoval offers a comprehensiveprogram of water heaters and storage systems for hot water preparation.

Modul-plus: High-performance semi instantaneous calorifier withcounter flow principle for anydesired capacity between 640 to10‘000 litres per hour (at 60°C).

CombiVal: Calorifier with 200 to2000 liter storage. Optionally withelectrical heating element.